|iR| Server Rules

#1 - Do not cheat.
This includes, but is not limitted to, the intentional and unintentional use of spiked models, wallhacks, aimbots, and using vent or another means while spectating to tell a person in-game where their opponent is.
#2 - Show respect to each other.
This includes refraining from making inflamatory comments (hatespeech, racism, etc.), not talking in MM1 while you aren't playing, not using exploits of the server setup to ruin other people's games, and not using our servers as a venue to intimidate or insult others.
#3 - Obey the Admins
If you are muted or banned for some previous action and you find it unjust, contact us in IRC to discuss it. Do NOT attempt to evade a ban or mute or you will only hurt yourself further. We don't expect any more of your respect than what you should show other players, but we do expect you to understand that this is a service being provided freely to you at our expense and that we may choose not to provide it, at will, if you choose to cause problems and refuse to desist when warned.

Rule #1 will be enforced with immediate banning from the servers and/or the application of forced Anticheat depending on the details of the situation and your attitude and actions during and after it.
Failure to follow rule #2 will result in a warning followed by administrative action should you continue to ignore it.
The enforcement of Rule #3 will depend on the situation, and while it will be up to the admin's discretion, you can expect to see an escalation of severity in the actions taken against you to force you to realize that you are out of line.

These rules should be fairly easy to follow as long as you are showing good sportsmanship, you are committed to having fun, and you are playing quake 2 using a legitimate setup.

In addition to these rules, we would like to stress that since these are instagib servers and a game often comes down to one shot deciding it, that the players who use our service should be willing to agree to use only the stock weapon and player models and the original player sounds that came with q2.
These servers are here for people who enjoy fair play and a challenge, not for those who have to have every advantage that they can sneak in, in order to win every time they can (or bail out if they're losing..)
A vast majority of the regular players on IRTDM and IRTDM2 choose to use an Anticheat compatible client and to be limitted in terms of models and sounds to ensure that they get the most out of their quake 2 experience, and that their wins, when they get them, are uncontestable.

We find this type of sportsmanship to be what decides who is the superior player, and as a result we have a list of files that you will not be able to change if you use anticheat, so that others can tell that you won by your skill and awareness and not by using homemade spiked models, or by increasing the volume of your footstep sounds and railgun hum noise. The file list includes all of the player footstep sounds, the background hum of the railgun, the player models for male and female, and all of the weapon models. Skins, envs, and textures are not limitted.