March 31st, 2012
IR500 #6: The Edge of the Warehouse
This weekend we ran the 6th installment of the IR500 Event, and as always it was a success! Vigilante came back to Q2 long enough to grab another win and push us all to try our best.
With this map, I feel we had quite a playable match where even higher pinging players could handle the player load and do fairly well without it turning into a clipshow. The familiarity most people have with the map architecture definitely added a new level of difficulty to the event, and a great time was had by all.

Here's the final scoreboard:
IR500 #6 Scoreboard

Frag Stats for the event are here
Thank you all for attending and be sure to check back in 2013 for the next IR500!

-Dervish & the Reapers

March 28th, 2012
IR500 #6: This weekend!
After repeated calls to hold another one of these events, we've decided to set one up for this weekend on Saturday the 31st of March. It will be held on the IRTDM2 server as always, and the event will begin at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern Time.
Usually, people begin to trickle in the hour before the event and we run a warmup round that ends a few minutes before the actual event, so show up early, get your spot and shoot around for a bit to familiarize yourself with the map and how it will play with lots of players on it.

The map we decided on will be the combined edge and warehouse: q2dm18.bsp, with modifications applied by Cajmere to add teleporters that will connect the two maps for ease of transition between the two. If you are running around the map and find a large green glow like the BFG effect, you have found one of the teleporters.
The map will be loaded with the iR500 config on the server until the day after the event, so feel free to pop in and download the map if you don't have it already.

Like previous iR500 events, you will spawn with a few hand nades and more slugs than you should be able to use before you die. Anticheat capable clients are preferred, but not forced unless you have forced ac on the server. File check kicks will be loosened a bit to allow for greater turnout, and because with an event this hectic, loudsteps and such won't do anyone any good.

Invite your friends, get your wrists limbered up and crack a cold one (or more), and we'll see you Saturday!

-Dervish & the Reapers

May 8th, 2011
IR500 #5: Yo Mama Been Railin
We held the fifth IR500 endurance challenge this Sunday and the winner is once again Vigilante. (his 4th victory at this event)
This time around, it ran 42 minutes, with a little over 20 people in attendance due to the holiday. Even with the relatively low turnout, the match was very hectic and I found that this map lent itself to very tight battles with good footwork and planning winning the day.
A bit of healthy doorway spamming helped my score and somehow I pulled second after putting on my try pants and going agro as the match wound down.

IR500 #5 Scoreboard

Here are the frag stats: IR500 #5 Frag Stats
Thank you all for showing up and making this another successful and fun event.

-Dervish & the Reapers

Apr 21st, 2011
iR500 #5 - Coming soon.

IR500 #5 Map Colour.bsp

I'm getting a config and map ready so we can host another iR500 event. This one will be on a popular teams map: colour.bsp (Colors of War), and I'm shooting to have the override and such ready and tested by the first weekend of May (the 7th or 8th). If you have comments or questions, drop by the forums and have at it.
Hope to see you there!


Jan 2nd, 2011
Happy New Year and New Servers!
The Immortal Reapers would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and we hope that Quake 2 will have yet another awesome year of activity.
As some may know by now, our gracious hosts at have changed over the servers to a new hosting service. I've updated the servers page to reflect these changes, and the new IP addresses can also be found here:
Try them out and let us know if there are any problems.


Oct 10th, 2010
IR500 #4: All Tens
We held the fourth IR500 endurance challenge on Sunday the 10th and, yet again, we had a great turnout and a very challenging run to 500 frags. The winner was a player by the alias of "00" who apparently used to play a bit of ra2 and showed up to try his hand at insta.
We used a variation of the map "Pipe Dot Comma" by the renowned q2 mapper Jester, with additional spawnpoints and some changes to the entities done to facilitate the kind of play that people would expect in an FFA insta match.

IR500 #4 Scoreboard

Stats can be found here: IR500 #4 Frag Stats
As always, we'd like to thank everyone who participated and who dropped suggestions on the forums and helped make this event a success.
We look forward to the next one, and many more after that. Judging by the following on the forums and the near constant stream of requests for another event, it appears that you're all getting as much out of these as we are, and that definitely helps keep the mod alive and kickin.

-Dervish & the Reapers

July 15th, 2010
Gladiator Bots!
After some requests for an option to have moving targets for practice when no one else is around, I spent a few days fiddling with my old customized gladiator bots and getting them to work with the IRTDM2 server.
It took a bit of reconfiguring and some customization of their stats to get them to play like insta players, but they work now and are a voteable option on the server. I've found that while they can be really challenging in duels, they're even more fun when used to fill out and even up the odds for some mixed teams of humans vs bots.
To get them up on the server, you can either use the OSP Tourney voting menu (hit your inventory button) and vote for a specific one or a number of random bots, or you can vote them manually in console using the following command "vote addbot #". When you're done playing a map they'll leave and everything should be back to normal for the next round. If you want to remove one for any reason once they're voted in, there is a remove bot voting option in the menu as well.

In other news we've recruited two new players, one who plays from all the way across the world in Australia, and one who's been a regular on the TS railz and IRTDM servers and a friend of the clan for a couple of years now. If you happen to see them around the servers, make sure you welcome |iR|Alpha and |iR|Sk1llSh0t to the clan.
Happy Fragging!


June 7th, 2010
IR500 #3: The Hat Trick
We held the third IR500 endurance challenge yesterday on the IRTDM2 server, at about 3pm PST. This one was the most successful event we've run yet, with over 46 players in attendance at the beginning and approximately 32 staying for the duration.
The event ran 41 minutes all told, just like the last one, and Vigilante won his 3rd consecutive IR500 victory. The map, "campcity", was surprisingly good and with such a diverse field of players and a variety of areas and elevations to work with, I never got the feeling that I was circling the same areas over and over for frags.

IR500 #3 Scoreboard

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who participated and who dropped suggestions on the forums and helped make this event a success.
We look forward to the next one, and we relish the chance to draw players to the mod by showing just how much fun it can be to play instagib.


Mar. 24th, 2010
|iR| Still Kickin in 2010
Another year has gone and a new one is starting and the Immortal Reapers are still going strong in Quake 2. Our roster has stayed about the same for the past 6 months, and everyone's been fairly active on the servers and putting up some good scores playing ffa, tdm and instagib.

In other news, I put together a simple .pak file to assist players that are running afoul of the new server settings which limit Anticheat users to not having custom player or weapon models, and using only the stock footstep and railgun hum sound effects that came with Quake 2. It consists of 2 folders which contain the stock player model and weapon model .md2 files, and the 5 .wav files that represent the footstep and railgun hum sounds.
Instead of forcing everyone to painstakingly dig through all of their .pak files worth of custom content to remove any offending files just to play one mod, I figured it would be easier to take advantage of Quake 2's ability to place precedence on the files in the highest numbered .pak file in the mod folder to effectively over-write the most common bad file problems that I've seen.
All a player who is running into the bad file kicks will have to do is download this pak file and place it in the Quake2\Tourney folder on their hard drive and rename it to "pak9.pak" or whatever value would reflect the highest number on the .pak files in that folder. R1Q2 users will not have to do this, as R1Q2 supports alpha and numeric characters in .pak file names. Certain other clients will act the same way.
Hopefully, this will allow more people to get in with anticheat and allow us to keep the rules as they are to provide as cheat-free of an atmosphere as can be achieved short of forcing Anticheat on everyone (which would have the effect of banning all non windows users, and as such is not an option)
If you run into any problems let me know, and I will do my best to help you get your setup working.

Happy Fragging!


Sept. 14th, 2009
IR500 #2!!!
We held a second IR500 endurance challenge this last sunday at 7pm, using the custom map Crater Kitchen, with an override made by Eternity and editted by X7 to add new spawns and to shove them below the floor to maintain much more smooth play, with a minimum of spawn killing.
-gBa-Vigilante won this one after a 41 minute round, which was to say the least, very challenging. My hand was quite sore by the end of this one, after making crazy flick shots and trying to pick people out of the air from across the room on this huge map.

IR500 #2 Scoreboard

Many thanks to all who assisted in testing/bugfixing the map, and putting together overrides, and to all who participated and helped make this event successful. We couldn't do this without you.


May 24th, 2009
IR500 Was AWESOME!!!
We held the IR500 endurance challenge this evening at 8pm EST and it turned out better than expected. We had about 24 players throughout the event who stuck it out and played the tortuous round on q2dm8.
-gBa-Vigilante won the day with a very impressive 32 minute 500 kill victory. Match stats can be found on tastyspleen here.

IR500 Scoreboard

Thank you everyone for participating, and hopefully we can make these events much more frequent.


May 1st, 2009
After hearing some chatter in the Q2 community about possibly having another fragfest/insta500 style event to liven things up, I've been entertaining the idea of running a 500 frag FFA rail-only endurance match on our IRTDM2 server sometime in the near future. I made a thread over on's forum where people can drop by and leave any suggestions, thoughts or comments on this idea, and where they can also drop their name as a participant so we know just how popular the idea really is before we set up the server and schedule times. You can access that thread here if you'd like to chime in on the subject.

In other news, we picked up another member who was an ra2 player and a contributor to the community on during the early days of Quake 2. He goes by the alias CaRn, and is quite active lately and very good with a railgun, so watch out if you happen to end up in a match with him. If you get the pleasure of gettin handled by him, make sure to welcome him back to the community and wish him luck as a member of our clan.
Thats all for now.


Feb 18th, 2009
NAiL is Starting!
The second season of the North American Instagib League has started, and in the coming weeks The Immortal Reapers will be participating in matches with the other premiere instagib teams on the continent.
I signed up 2 squads for us, and the players that approached me about participating have been split up between these teams:

|iR| Team A: Dervish, 40 & Swagr
|iR| Team B: Haunted, Kami & Geezer

If you're on one of these teams try to keep yourself up to date on the NAiL Schedule and make sure that there is some way that Haunted or I can contact you within about a day's time so that we can determine when to set up matches.

In other news, we picked up 3 new members! One who goes by the handle Pulse and who's railing skills have impressed me since the first time I played insta in '06. He's been around the scene off and on for years now and most of you have probably seen him before. The other is Swagr, a RA2 and insta player who's been around Q2 for years. The third is 40 who's been a long time friend of the clan and who crushes fools even when they're aimbotting! Welcome guys!


December 9th, 2008
Two New Members!
We recruited two new members over the past month, both of whom are respected players with skill and great attitudes who have been around the Q2 community for a long while. I can tell right off that they will both do us proud and project our values of fair play and good sportsmanship to the rest of the community, and I look forward to the influence that their exemplary attitudes will have on the players in the scene who get to match up against them.
So, without further ado, I'd like to invite everyone to welcome Thief and Vicki Vicious to the Immortal Reapers, and wish them the best of luck.



November 12th, 2008
NAiL Season #2! The Reapers are back for more action!
We're currently gauging the level of interest in holding a second North American Insta League some time during this winter.

So far the proposed layout is similar to that of last year's with the exception that it will probably be a 2v2 tournament instead of a 3v3, for the sake of getting matches done quickly and making communication between and amongst the teams a lot easier.

Depending on the number of teams that enter, it will probably consist of multiple divisions playing round robin (best 2 of 3) games to determine division leaders. These leading teams will go on to the quarter/semi/finals brackets to play 3 out of 5 games for a win and advancement towards the title. Matches will probably be played on Tastyspleen's NAiL or Railz-tdm servers, and we will also be providing IRTDM2 with a config set up for the tournament matches.

If you have any suggestions or comments, or you'd like to express your interest in making a team for this league, you can leave us a message at the forums, contact |iR|Dervish in our IRC channel, or leave a shout-out here.

We hope to hear from you, and that you'll have the time to join us to make this league as successful and even more enjoyable than the first North American Insta League that we held last winter.

-Dervish and the Immortal Reapers

October 2nd, 2008
Server Status and Player Stats!
Since the creation of our new servers, we've fine tuned some things and played some games on them and in general everyone seems to be very happy with these new additions to the instagib scene.
We have set up IRTDM as a pure insta-tdm server with infinite ammo and falling damage and grenades allowed, and IRTDM2 with a similar configuration except that falling damage is turned off all of the time, and the OSP hook is voteable. (default is off) If anyone has any suggestions for maps that they would like to see on the servers, and setting changes such as hook speed, feel free to contact one of our representatives in our IRC channel, and we will discuss them and see what we can do to accomodate everyone who would like to use our servers.

While I'm on the subject of the servers, we've made a server status page that you can access using the button on the right side of the website, that has updated highscore stats and live server listings with the current map, players, and scores, for many of the Instagib servers in North America, thanks to They update on a fairly regular basis, and make it quite easy to check and see who's on, even when you don't have access to your server browser of choice.

Now that we have all that covered, it seems fitting that we should post some rules for the servers that are clear cut and easily accessible to everyone. Here they are:

|iR| Server Rules

#1 - Do not cheat.
This includes, but is not limitted to, the intentional and unintentional use of spiked models, wallhacks, aimbots, and using vent or another means while spectating to tell a person in-game where their opponent is.
#2 - Show respect to each other.
This includes refraining from making inflamatory comments (hatespeech, racism, etc.), not talking in MM1 while you aren't playing, not using exploits of the server setup to ruin other people's games, and not using our servers as a venue to intimidate or insult others.
#3 - Obey the Admins
If you are muted or banned for some previous action and you find it unjust, contact us in IRC to discuss it. Do NOT attempt to evade a ban or mute or you will only hurt yourself further. We don't expect any more of your respect than what you should show other players, but we do expect you to understand that this is a service being provided freely to you at our expense and that we may choose not to provide it, at will, if you choose to cause problems and refuse to desist when warned.

Rule #1 will be enforced with immediate banning from the servers and/or the application of forced Anticheat depending on the details of the situation and your attitude and actions during and after it. Failure to follow rule #2 will result in a warning followed by administrative action should you continue to ignore it. The enforcement of Rule #3 will depend on the situation, and while it will be up to the admin's discretion, you can expect to see an escalation of severity in the actions taken against you to force you to realize that you are out of line.
These rules should be fairly easy to not break, as long as you are showing good sportsmanship and playing quake 2 using a legitimate setup.

That's all for now,


August 30th, 2008
End of August Brings Change
Due to the unknown future of the Monsterkill servers that we all played on so much, two servers have been procured for |iR|. The IPs for the servers are as follows:
These two servers are located in Texas, and so everyone that pings well at TS should also ping well here. We've also set up a channel on IRC at #ir and we have Chanserv in there. It should be up anytime anyone wants to drop in, and it would be nice if everyone would use the IRC channel for clan communication.
If you don't have IRC software you can obtain it here:

These are things we should have done a long time ago, I suppose, but one person can't do all of it and I haven't been around like I should. Dervish has busted his hump doing things like this website and with things growing the way they are, he can't do everything. So, as original Co-Leader of this clan I will be stepping up to help with as much as I can to better facilitate the continued healthy growth of |iR|. On a personal note, I am greatly pleased with everything that has happened to us as a clan lately. We have really picked up some solid players that are also active. Our newest addition is |iR|Tuxx^. Everyone wecome Tuxx aboard when you see him. You guys keep fraggin, and burn up those new servers. You will also notice the new servers are OSP therefore in the near future we will be making the hook voteable on at least one of the servers to try and bring back some oldschool hookers. GL HF cya on the servers.


August 26th, 2008
Another One Bites the Dust...
Well, as of this morning, the Monsterkill Forum seems to be down (possibly for good) so we will be making the move over to for the purposes of continued forum communication as a clan.
Any of you |iR| members who haven't already should feel free to stop in and sign up with a member account so that we can get a hold of you.

In the meantime, a few of the MK servers remain accessible, namely MKTDM1 which is in Texas, and I noticed that the Rail Duel port is still accepting connections.
I wouldn't count on these remaining up indefinitely, so we had better start getting used to the other Q2 instagib servers at our disposal.
I'm sure we all know about the Tastyspleen Railz server at, and the new ra2 style railz server at, but there is also a little known ITDM server that Devious set up for us to use at which I believe is in Texas and pings decently for all of us .
I'm also going to try and talk to the management at TS and get the railz-tdm port back up on Tastyspleen proper, so we have more choices if the remaining MK servers cease to be.
EDIT: We're in luck! The railztdm ( port and the NAiL ( port have been started up on the new TS server.

Please bear with us in these changing times, and I'll try to catch as many of you as I can to let you know what's up, in person. The site update got pushed back a bit as I gather more content, but it's coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


August 1st, 2008
Ridiculous Growth!!!
In the past 2 months, we've continued our custom of fraggin nonstop in the North American instagib servers, and our team has grown by leaps and bounds.
We've also seen the return of some original members in the form of Drifter and Geezer returning to the scene.

I'd like to take this time to welcome |iR|Fearz, |iR|DyNasTY, and |iR|Doomie to the crew and wish them the best of luck.
If you see these fine fellows on the servers be sure to make their aquaintance.

In other news, FYATroll and I played a friendly scrim with clan :mI:, and the screenshots and demos sections will be undergoing a sizeable update in the next month or so to reflect some of the more recent matches that we've participated in.

Keep on fraggin,


May 12th, 2008
New Recruits!
Well time keeps rolling by and The Reapers keep quakin. Summertime is upon us, with the usual slowdown of action on the servers as people realize they can go play outside, but |iR| still has a good showing on the North American instagib servers.
Over the course of the last few months, we've picked up some new recruits, all of whom are good players with good attitudes and a love for the game.
In no particular order, I'd like to officially welcome |iR|Goatkilla, |iR|G_Force, |iR|The_Philette, and |iR|Symantic to the crew.

In other news, the Monsterkill 1v1 Tournament continues with the high drama we can expect from, and some skillful matches being played.


May 12th, 2008
The Monsterkill 1v1 Tourney has begun!
The first week of matches has been played, and we're looking forward to playing our next competitors.
We have a pretty good showing of players from the Immortal Reapers participating, including FYATroll, Haunted(Kreator), |iR|Happy, and |iR|Dervish.
There will be screenshots and demos to follow, as we all play our matches, and in the meantime, you can check out the stats and the schedule for the tourney at the really nice site that Sinner.dC set up for it: Here.

By the way, if any of the players in |iR| have any screenshots, or demos, or Quake 2 related files that they'd like hosted, they can contact me on the forums and I'll put the stuff on the site ASAP.


April 22nd, 2008
The |iR| website is up!
The Immortal Reapers Clan is proud to present our new website!
The Site was created to showcase our instagib games and demos, provide a handy source of links and information on the events that we're participating in across the North American instagib scene, and generally help the Quake 2 community get to know us a bit better.

To bring everyone up to speed, we have been participating in the North American Insta League for a few months now, and we just played our match in the semi-finals against Team Devine, last week.

In the coming weeks, there are plans to hold a 1v1 Instagib Tournament at, that a group of guys from |iR| will be participating in, as well.
If you would like to participate in it, signups are still open at

That's all for now, more to come soon!