Quake 2 Servers

|iR| and Friends Insta Servers via Gametracker
Tastyspleen.net: The North American Q2 Server Network


Tastyspleen.net - The Premiere Quake 2 Community in North America
Tastyspleen Forum - The Forum for support and information on Tastyspleen.net
Monsterkill.org - A Quake 2 Instagib Community forum
Railwarz.com - Instagib Capture The Flag Community & Forum
Q2Scene.net - Worldwide Q2 TDM Community
Quake Unity - A Community for all Quake fans

League/Tournament Sites

Tastyspleen Leagues - Home of Tastyspleen hosted tournaments and ladders
North American Insta League - 3v3 Rail-only Instagib League
Monsterkill 1v1 Tournament 2008

Friends of |iR|

Clan gBa - Gamers By Addiction
Team Devine - Quake 2 & 4 TDM/ITDM Clan
Clan BTF - Brothers of True Fraggin
Clan 420 - Still Smokin
Clan .dC - Damage Control - Forum at Monsterkill
Clan .vF - Violent Femmes - Forum at Monsterkill
Clan [EoM] - Entourage of Murder - Forums

Quake 2 Links

Deacon's Tomb File Warehouse - Q2 Maps and Files Galore!
R1CH.net - Home of the R1Q2 Client, R1GL, and Anticheat
Planet Quake - Q2 Section
Focalor's Lair - Q2 Paks and More!
Tastyspleen.net - Q2 Downloads