How to contact the Immortal Reapers:

If you would like to get a hold of us to make suggestions about how we can better serve the Quake 2 instagib community, to inquire about a ban or mute, to report cheating or abusive behavior on the servers, or to apply for a spot in the clan, you can get a hold of us thru a variety of methods beyond chatting in-game.

We have a channel on the network where you can leave us messages 24/7. Here's what you'll need to connect:

First off you'll need an IRC client like mIRC. You can download it here.
Once you have an IRC client, you'll need to fill in some user info, and select the correct IRC server. The one we use is Once connected, you'll need to join our clan channel, which you can do by typing "/join #ir"
This is the preferred method of contact, and using it you will be able to get a live person on the other end much more successfully. You can usually find at least a couple of clan members idling there.

Many of our members frequent the forums at
You can join the forum for free, and post a message in the general forum, or send a private message to Whirlingdervish(Q2C) aka |iR|Dervish.

If you cannot use any of the other methods, you can send emails to ""