About |iR|


     |iR| was formed in 2006 by me (|iR|Drifter) and |iR|Soulz. Soulz was at that time a member of RL which was defunct. We were both members of a Quake two community called Monsterkill that was owned and operated by inhuman.dc. Inhuman and I played quite a bit together and he was trying to grow his community and asked me if I would work with another member of the community to form a clan to help with growth. I agreed and inhuman introduced me to Colous and we formed a clan called s2n. Now s2n didn’t last long at all members went elsewhere, and some bad decisions were made as far as who came aboard so it was almost destined for failure from the word go.

     After s2n fell apart inhuman hooked me up with Soulz and we worked together to form clan |iR|. Not long after |iR| formed Soulz disappeared for quite some time but the clan was established well enough that it remained. Dervish and I continued to keep things going in Soulz absence with the help of a few mainstays like FYATroll and Geezer. Along the way Soulz was in and out sometimes for a day and sometimes for a week but we kept on growing. At one point I even left for a spell because I just wasn’t enjoying the game but I came back just like I always do.

     The vast majority of |iR| were railers only because that was the community we were in and so the pool we had to choose from were railers but it wasn’t long before we started seeing some CTF and TDM players start coming to the Monsterkill servers which added a whole new aspect to the game. Their styles were much different than ours due to the nature of the mods they played and they had absolutely no problem adapting those styles to our mod and were very good at it. This gave us all a new look at how we played and the strategies we used and forced us to make changes in our own style of play. It was, without a doubt, one of the best things that happened to the railing community.

     There have been several players that passed through |iR| and either moved to other mods or other clans, most of them good players with good attitudes and sportsmanship. However, we have had our fair share of folks that either had bad attitudes towards other clans that had been our friends or were poor sports in the game itself. You just can’t be 100% right when it comes to how people are going to act and react and we have been wrong on several occasions.

     In 2008 inhuman indicated that he was considering letting a couple of the Monsterkill servers go which came as quite a shock to me because inhuman had always been hard core Q2. Not long after he gave this indication we all logged on one day to find two Monsterkill servers gone along with the community forum. Based on the previous indications, I and many other assumed this was the reality of those indications by inhuman. Believing that the servers were gone for good, |iR| procured two servers thinking we were helping the community by back-filling for the loss of the two Monsterkill servers and making sure everyone would still have a place to play. Well as it turned out there had only been a server crash that caused the short term loss of the two Monsterkill servers and the forum. Inhuman got them all back in working order in short order. Now somehow the fact that |iR| had picked up two servers was construed to mean that we were trying to steer people away from Monsterkill (nothing could have been further from the truth). This has apparently caused some type of tension between Monsterkill and me which I do not understand but I guess I don’t have to. This brings us to where we are today.




Rules and Expectations

1.      This is a game, if you can’t have fun with it, then don’t play it.

2.      If you start a match with someone, have the testicular fortitude to finish it (even if you are taking a beating).

3.      Give people the respect they deserve, try to always take the high road.

4.      Help people out when you can, remember, someone helped you at some point.